Long Hair FUE

Long Hair FUE is definitely a tedious process when compared to standard Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair restoration that typically requires the shaving of the head. However, in spite of that, it certainly is an optimum surgical solution for many patients who prefer to maintain their hair length due to their various positions in society.

Dignitaries, politicians, actors, musicians, businessmen and others who cannot afford to be out of the scrutiny of the public eye for any period of time, even short find Long Hair FUE surgery the answer to their prayers.

Long Hair FUE gives patients the opportunity to enhance their appearance with no “down time” or obvious surgical intervention. That gives the patient confidence and a psychologically sound and positive approach to the surgical process. Performing Long Hair FUE surgery takes skill on the part of the surgeon and correct instrumentation is also of the upmost importance. That is why ASMED’s Dr.Koray Erdogan, a world-renowned FUE surgeon, designed the Long Hair FUE punch.

This instrument along with the KEEP (Koray Erdogan Embedding Placer), used in all FUE surgeries for placement, has proven to be invaluable for maintaining graft integrity during the extraction phase of the Long Hair FUE and surgeries that he performs.The Long Hair FUE Punch and the KEEP placer have been used in FUE workshop demonstrations throughout the world and have been adopted for use by many surgeons worldwide.

Long Hair FUE 1000 Grafts

Long Hair FUE 2500 Grafts